Our Team

Our Team


Juan González Mateo, Spain/USA

Juan González worked at TWS Spain and TWS France as Head of Investment Officer for 6 years acquiring, developing and operating projects in the renewable energy sector. During this time, TWS Solar monetized over USD 175M$ in solar projects (2008-2014).

During 2015 to 2018 Juan served as TW SOLAR SEA Managing Director (South East Asia) including Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Philippines and Malaysia.

Rafael J. Jiménez López, Spain

Rafael Jiménez is and international C-level executive with strong technical, financial and commercial skills. Creative, energetic and resolute. Very keen to take on new challenges and turn ideas into action.

Deals worth €653m, teams and corporate capabilities build-up from scratch for 2 start-ups. Led multiple high-value creation corporate programs: key Strategic Plans, M&A deals, Global Improvement Program (+€430m multi-year savings).

Marcos Rey Cibran, Spain

Ignacio Guerra Anselmi, Spain

Gary Deakin, UK
NED – Strategy and Market Intelligence

Gary Deakin is a former British Army and NATO Major General, with over 36 years experience working all over the  world in high tempo and challenging environments.

An expert in designing and delivering multi-national strategy, building and sustaining international partnerships, and working collaboratively to deliver successful solutions to the most challenging problems.

Madina Oumkhanova, Spain/USA
NED – Int. Relations and Public Affairs

Madina Oumkhanova is a Senior Director with broad international career in EMEA and North America.

Customer-centric marketing leader with an acute sense of diplomacy and a strong interest for projects that improve human beings’ life.

Our Team

Senior Development

Mert Cakin, Turkey
Head of Business Plan

Mert Cakin is a senior manager with broad experience in M&A, commercial development and project engineering. Analytical capacity, results driven and adaptability to different working environments.

Suitable team player with a leading role in the organization. Risk management based on project material and possible partnerships.

Rubén Santos, España
Head of Licensing

Rubén Santos is a senior manager with broad experience in M&A, commercial development and project engineering.

Analytical capacity, results-driven and adaptability to different working environments.

Acquisition of more than 300MW of renewable assets. Leading SPA, SHA, EPC, BOP and TSA contracts.

Miguel Gonzalez, Panamá
Head of E&S

Miguel Gonzalez is an Environmental Engineer graduated from the Technological University of Panama and TEC (Costa Rica) with more than 10 years of experience in the development of projects with a wide international career under the signature of European and US companies.

Felix Alvarado Funes, Honduras
Head of Project Office

Brendan Madden, USA
Head of Fuel Supply/e-jet and 
synthetic fuels