Egeac Energy


Egeac Energy is an international developer company specialized on design, development and implementation of clean LNG and renewable solutions on power generation and transport.

Egeac Energy participates in the entire value chain in the projects of electricity generation through clean (LNG to Power CCGT) and renewable sources (Solar PV), which we promote and develop from scratch until commissioning & start operations (COD).

Design, processing PLA´s (permits, licenses and authorizations), power purchase agreement, negotiation for energy sales (corporate PPA´s and public PPA´s with national off-taker or governments), legal, technical and financial structuring of the project, development and financing, EPC (engineering, procurement and construction), LNG supply contracts, LNG terminals (onshore and FSRU), transmission lines, connection and commissioning.


Liquified Natural Gas

Egeac Energy combined-cycle power plants have demonstrated high thermal efficiency, high reliability/availability and economic power generation for application in base load and cyclic duty utility service.

The combined-cycle power generation system; in which the gas turbine, steam turbine and generator (STAGTM) are install in a tandem arrangement on a single building, has emerged as a preferred configuration resulting from simplicity of controls and operation and demonstrated high reliability.

LNG Filling Marine Station and Bunkering services provides a clean and innovative solution for Energy Transition on Transport (maritime & terrestrial). 


Solar power

Egeac Energy is specialized in development and construction turn key Solar photovoltaic projects.

As global active player in the solar energy sector, our goal is to offer innovative, customized and efficient solar photovoltaic systems, ensuring greatest benefit and profitability for all the stakeholders involved in each project. 


Wind power

Egeac Energy plan, design and lead construction management throughout the entire process, standing by until the system is commissioned, operating and producing reliable energy.

We take care of all PLA´s (Permits, Licenses and Authorizations) necessaries to develop and operate a Wind Power Plant.



Egeac Energy commitment against climate change, includes green solutions not only for clean and renewable electrification. In coming years other energies shall be involved to support and lead industrial process transition, specially those industrial activities that consume more electricity (metallurgic) or have big impact on the earth environment such as chemical industries, aviation and maritime navigation.

Hydrogen is the key player on this important task. Solution is named Green H2, produced by 100% renewable energy.